Grand Canyon National Park Travel Poster (Overlook)

Grand Canyon National Park Travel Poster (Overlook)

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Over 5 millions people travel to Grand Canyon National Park to experience that dramatic views of a canyon dug by the mighty Colorado river.  Most visitors frequent the South Rim of the colossal canyon, but the best way to avoid the crowds is the visit the North Rim where people are fewer and viewing the canyon is much more tranquil. 

This Grand Canyon National Park print is a unique tribute to the WPA posters that were created in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The WPA posters were originally constructed as a government initiative to generate interest in the national parks and improve park attendance. As we are approaching the centennial anniversary of the National Parks System, we have designed WPA travel posters and postcards featuring all 59 national parks to celebrate America’s diverse homeland and to encourage you to reflect on the rich history and beauty that each national park has to offer. We hope to inspire you to find your park and travel to the stunning landscapes which make America so great. 

Print size can be customized. Just create a custom order and let us know what you would like!

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