Richard Halls' See America Montana WPA Travel Poster

Purple Moose Basics is proud to showcase Richard Halls' "See America - Welcome To Montana" Travel Poster.  Halls' poster is a great introduction to our upcoming collection of "See America" Travel Posters & Postcards.

Richard Halls was born 1906 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Hall studied art at the Cleveland Institute of Art and graduated with top honors in 1928.  After spending several years as a painter until he joined the Federal Art Project in 1936.  During his time spent with the FAP/WPA Halls became well known for his work and his unique style of painting and posters that were colorful and playful.  

Halls created this See America - Welcome To Montana poster for the U.S. Travel Bureau to inspire and encourage both young and old to visit some of America's most beautiful destinations.  

The WPA See America posters were originally designed as a government initiative to generate interest in American landmarks and encourage American citizens to travel to new destinations within their homeland. We have reconstructed the See America travel posters in order to commemorate America’s diverse homeland and to encourage you to reflect on the rich history and beauty that each See America destination has to offer. We hope to inspire you to See America for yourself and travel to the stunning landscapes which make America so great.