Pinnacles National Park

Sunrise Over America's Newest National Park: Pinnacles - ©Tom Bricker 

If you consider yourself a bird watcher or nature enthusiast, come check out Pinnacles National Park and keep your eyes peeled and your binoculars and cameras ready for a glimpse of the California Condor. The Condor is a massive pre-historic looking bird, think Jurassic Park’s Pterodactyls crossed with the modern day vulture. With an impressive 9 foot wingspan, these birds can tip the scales at 26 pounds. They are a sight to see, especially given their history. In 1987, only 22 Condors still existed in the wild. After being nurtured and bred in captivity, they were reintroduced into the wild three years later. Surviving an intense battle with near extinction, these birds can be seen in their natural habitat at Pinnacles National Park where they can inspire even the most skeptical of visitors.

Rock Formations At Pinnacles National Park, Photo: Brocken Inaglory

What is there to do in Pinnacles National Park? One of the main attractions that has brought curious visitors to America’s newest national park is the hiking. With ample trails to discover, 32 miles worth to be exact, there are many exciting things to see along the way. From massive boulders and rock formations, to the beautiful sea of velvet orange poppies that call Pinnacles home, there is ample beauty to impress and inspire. For our more daring visitors, there are plenty of challenging and enormous rock formations to climb and conquer — if hanging by your fingertips thrills you that is. For those that would rather stay grounded but still want to enjoy an adventure, the Bear Gulch Cave and Balconies Cave are perfect for you. There are parts of the caves that require crawling and tricky maneuvers through water and tight spaces, so come prepared and remember that you will be rewarded with some amazing views throughout your journey. As your day comes to a close, there is nothing better than relaxing by a warm campfire and gazing at the stars. Look no further than the Pinnacles campground in the park, where you can tent camp or RV camp, and even go for a dip in the swimming pool during the hot summer months.

View of Bear Gulch In Pinnacles National Park. Photo by: Inklein

View of Bear Gulch In Pinnacles National Park. Photo by: Inklein

At America’s Newest National Park, the possibilities for discovery are limitless! Climbing and hiking among the breathtaking spires and rock formations that gave Pinnacles its name is only the beginning of what the park has to offer. Come seek out the California condor in the High Peaks, explore the rare chaparral vegetation and carpets of wildflowers, or just picnic at the visitor center.
— National Park Service