Dinosaur National Monument Poster

Dinosaur National Monument Poster

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This Dinosaur National Monument Poster is a unique tribute to the WPA posters that were created in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The WPA posters were originally constructed as a government initiative to generate interest in the national parks and improve park attendance.

We have designed WPA Style National Monument Posters featuring several National Monuments to celebrate America’s diverse natural beauty and to encourage you to reflect on the rich history and immense beauty that each National Monument has to offer. We hope to inspire you to find your park, monument, memorial or historic site and travel to the stunning landscapes which make America so great. Collect them all as you visit each national monument and commemorate your unforgettable experience.

Dinosaurs abound at Dinosaur National Monument, where eleven species fossils are found, including Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, and Diplodocus.

In 1915 President Woodrow Wilson established Dinosaur National Monument, to preserve 150 million-year-old dinosaur fossil beds, discovered by paleontologist Earl Douglass in 1909. In 1938 the monument boundaries were expanded from the original 80 acres area surrounding the fossil beds—now known as Douglass Quarry—to over 200,000 acres.

Our posters are printed on beautiful Archival Professional Matte Paper. A true non-reflective matte with warm whites and a super smooth finish. Its unique lusterless surface provides elegant color reproduction with subtlety and warmth.

Print size can be customized. Just create a custom order and let us know what you would like!

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